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Super Heroes are Ukrainians


For more than a year, the whole world has been watching the struggle of Ukrainians for a peaceful life and freedom. Not a single person on the planet has any doubts about the heroism of this nation. Talented, kind and cheerful people in an instant became brave Heroes. Protectors of everything they love so much in their land. They became strong - willed and fearless. They are the real Super Heroes, not from fairy tales or comics, but from our real life.

The clothing elements of Super Heroes include Ukrainian embroidery, national symbols and ornaments. The history of Ukrainian folk embroidery is rooted in the mists of time. For many millennia, different cultures appeared and disappeared on Ukrainian lands. They had their own symbols, which ancient people depicted on cult and household items. These symbols were also displayed in embroideries, which our ancestors used to decorate textiles and clothes

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